Bodybuilding and Fitness for Men

Bodybuilding and fitness are something every man wants to do in order to get that buff and well defined body. The good news is that with patience and effort, guys can also get a physique worth showing off.

Alternate Cardio and Strength Training

Most guys make the mistake of focusing on just building muscles when their body obviously needs to lose some pounds. Muscles and weight loss are two different aspects of fitness so guys should make sure they do both. The best way to do this would be to schedule at least one day for cardio, two for strength/weight training and a rest day during the week.

3 Areas Of Focus Bodybuilding and Fitness for Men

Focus at Muscle Groups

The more muscles worked out at a given time, the better. Guys should use exercises that let them target muscle groups instead of just individual muscles. For example, instead of using weights for the biceps, do pushups on the floor instead. This doesn’t just pump up the biceps but also works on the core and legs.

Start Early

For guys, the best time to start working those muscles is between 16 and 18 years old. Studies show that this is the time when the muscle growth hormone is at its best. That doesn’t mean guys in their 20’s couldn’t do it but starting earlier would be best.

Fatigue the Muscles

Weight training creates microscopic tears on the muscles. The growth happens when these tears start to heal. So if the workout isn’t really tiring the muscles out or producing that dull throbbing, them it’s not working.

Remember that there is no damn shortcut. Some guys might think that becoming muscle-bound overnight by using steroids is worth it, but it’s not. Some celebrities and athletes may be using this stuff but in the end, bodybuilding drugs are still dangerous and could produce long term side effects.