How To Increase Bench Press

How To Increase Bench Press

Bench Press is the most popular workout among the weight lifters. This is because bench press targets on your pectoralis major muscle as well as your triceps and shoulder. Therefore, how to increase bench press weight is one of the most popular asked questions in the gym. The answer to the question is simple to read but not easy to do since increasing your bench press will demand a lot of efforts.

1. Press with a proper form and improve the technique. Suitable form and technique are vital to ensure optimal growth and strength and avoid any possible injuries.

• Correct gripping technique. Most of the weight lifters do not how to grip a bar correctly during performing bench press. This often makes them suffer from wrists, shoulders and elbow injuries. When you are grabbing a bar, make sure your wrists form a straight line with your forearms. In other words, you should grip the bar close to your wrist instead of grabbing the bar close to your fingers.

• Make sure your elbows are directly below the barbell at all times. Then, when you are pushing the bar, push it in a straight line. Please do not push it to your face unless you wish the barbell drop on your head.

• Stabilize the barbell. Try to imagine you are tearing the bar apart when you are holding the barbell. Stabilize the bar by squeezing it.

• Overhand grip. If you are new to the Bench Press Workout, use an overhand grip. Despite the underhand grip activates your upper-chest muscles better, you may get injured if you do not perform it correctly.

• Squeeze your shoulder blades down and together and hold them as tight as you during each set. This creates a stronger foundation for you to press from, which allows you to generate greater force.


2. Improve the strength of back, arms and shoulders muscles. As you have already known bench press workout not only targets your chest muscles, but also activates other muscle groups such as triceps and shoulders. If you have weak shoulders, you hardly increase the bench press.

• Shoulders. Your rotator cuff and trapezius will contract during this exercise to help keep your shoulders stable as you perform the moves. Shoulder presses and shoulder raises are excellent examples to build strong shoulders.

• Upper-back and lats. These muscles serve as a foundation for you to press from. Inverted row and barbell row are ideal exercises to train upper-back. Moreover, Lat Pulldowns and Pullovers target mainly your lats. I don’t suggest Chinups and Pullups because if you can do these exercises (with correct form and complete sets), mean that you already have strong lats muscles.

• Triceps. As I mentioned earlier, triceps and shoulders stabilize your entire movements. One mistake most people do is they train triceps after a heavy benching session. This is because you can only build strong triceps when they are fresh. I would recommend triceps isolation such as Triceps Death Workout. It is a powerful exercise only targets your triceps. You can watch the video below.

3. Lift fast. If you want to have a strong and powerful chest, lift it quickly. Press it as fast as you can.

4. Eat everything you see. This is to ensure your muscles to grow stronger. You should have had seven meals per day, and each meal should contain an adequate amount of protein and calories. Eat at least 1g per pound protein of everyday.

5. Sleep and rest sufficiently. Your muscles can only repair and grow while you are resting and sleeping. Not enough sleep will impair muscle growth, causing the muscle fiber to disintegrate. We are told that we should at spend eight hours in sleeping each day. It is only partly true. In fact, we should sleep at the right time. Sleep before 12am and wake up before 8am is the most suitable.

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